Wow. Today was unlike anything we’ve ever seen before – a constant, unending, bread-devouring string of people, buying up the bread faster than we could get it out of the oven.

On pretty much any given day, I (Katie) can give you an exact count of each item we made – just how my mind works. Today, I have no idea. I’m not even entirely certain how many batches, let alone loaves. I just know we baked from well before sunrise to well after sunset, pausing only to greet the dear friends who wandered in to say hello and buy an armload of tasty things.

Also. The adage about good help being hard to find is absolutely true. For that reason, I want to acknowledge and thank and fete and exalt the hard work and superb performance of the dear, magnificent people working in our little shop today. Without them, this would be nothing, and far less fun, too.

So, we’re going to do it again tomorrow. We’ve got a lot of things to make that are already spoken for, but we’re also going to bake as many extras as time and ingredients allow. Here’s the menu:

Maple Granola
Artisan Sourdough
Wild Rice & Onion (man, we moved a lot of this today. it makes the best dressing/stuffing!)
Sprouted Cornbread with Cheddar (quickly achieving legendary status, for good reasons)
Pumpkin Brioche
Gorgonzola Cherry
Festive Holiday Rolls (We’ve got a truly insane number of these to bake tomorrow.)

Maple Bourbon Pecan
Ozark Apple
Classic Pumpkin

It’s possible one or more of those might be available with a whole wheat crust, but no promises.

And we’re also sampling and selling the first items from our Christmas collection:

Copper Run Fruitcake
Bunko Bread

And finally, we’ve got some things in the fridge and freezer, like cranberry sauce and green bean casserole.

We’re open 10-7 tomorrow, but unlike today when there was another chance, tomorrow, when we’re out, we’re out. So buy early, buy often!