Tickets to our wildly popular baking classes for August-December 2017 are now on sale!. Our classes are hands-on, extremely informational, and tons of fun! It’s a great way to spend an afternoon or evening with friends or family! And this year we are adding two terrific new series of classes — Date Night and “The Fun Part!” Our classes generally sell out so don’t wait too long to reserve your spot! Don’t see what you’re looking for? Book a private class!

Classic Baking Classes

Our classic three-hour weekend baking classes dive deep into one topic, exploring three or more different recipes and  sending you home with an armload of fresh-baked goodness. Whether you’re baking pies, shaping bread, or decorating cookies, there’s lots to learn and experience in our flagship baking classes.

August 26 – Introduction to Breads (Italian Breads) 

August 27 – Introduction to Breads (Italian Breads)

September 9 – Naturally Leavened Breads

September 10 – Naturally Leavened Breads

September 16 – Whole Grain Breads

September 17 – Whole Grain Breads

September 23 – Fanciful Fall Breads

September 24 – Fanciful Fall Breads

September 30 – Pretzel-making

October 1 – Pretzel-making

October 21 – Viennoiserie: Croissants, Puff Pastry and More!

October 22 – It’s All About Choux: Eclairs, Cream Puffs and Beyond!

October 28 – Halloween Cookie Decorating

October 29 – Halloween Cookie Decorating

November 4 – Piemaking

November 5 – Piemaking

November 11 – Piemaking

November 12 – Piemaking

December 2 – Christmas Cookie Decorating

December 3 – Christmas Cookie Decorating

December 9 – Christmas Cookie Decorating

December 10 – Christmas Cookie Decorating

December 16 – Holiday Baking Traditions

December 17 – Holiday Baking Traditions

Date Nights

In our Date Night Classes, bring your sweetheart and come cook a delicious dinner, with tasty dessert, and then enjoy it together. What better way to spend an evening out with someone you love? Each menu is lovingly crafted to provide you and your date with a delightful culinary evening.

August 18 – Date Night: Italian Night

September 8 – Date Night: Chicken Pot Pie

September 29 – Date Night: Oktoberfest Dinner

The Fun Part Classes

For “The Fun Part” classes, we do the hard work — baking the cake, making the caramel, making the gingerbread house stand up (gravity is hard!) — and let you do the fun part: decorating and designing! We’ll explore mirror glaze to make gorgeous, shiny works of edible art, decorate cakes with Russian tips (which let you pipe a whole flower all at once!), make whimsical decorations out of chocolate, adorn caramel apples for Halloween, and decorate gingerbread houses.

August 24 – Mirror Glaze

September 21 – Russian Tips

October 26 – Caramel Apples

November 9 – Chocolate Decor

December 14 – Gingerbread Houses


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Fall/Winter 2017 Baking Classes!