Presented in collaboration with the Wheelhouse, available 7 days a week!

  • Chocolate Exposé

    • 12

    flourless chocolate cake, fresh raspberries, meltaway chocolate half-pipe, hot berry syrup    

    no gluten added

  • St. Thomas S'More

    • 10

    mesquite blondie, honey marshmallow, caribbean rum spritz, dark chocolate ganache, rum chantilly, feuilletine

  • Prima Pavlova

    • 15

    crisp mint meringues, chantilly cream, blackberries, key lime curd (serves 3-4)

  • Cleopatra Cake

    • 9

    Olive oil & wine cake, roasted grapes, sugar crunch, Missouri wine syrup

  • Flight of the Moose

    • One 5
    • Two 9
    • Three 13
    • Four 17
    • Five 20
    • Six 24

    Select from our gourmet seasonal mousses to create your own mousse flight!

    • Blackberry mousse, gin syrup, chantilly, white chocolate, lime NO GLUTEN ADDED  
    • Black cherry mousse, chantilly, amarena cherry, dark chocolate NO GLUTEN ADDED
    • Blue cheese mousse, chocolate sablé biscuit, red wine cherries, chantilly
    • Milk chocolate caramel mousse, salted caramel, chantilly, chocolate-covered pretzel
    • Almond milk mousse, amarena cherries, almond brittle, amaretto drizzle DAIRY FREE - NO GLUTEN ADDED
    • Chocolate coconut date mousse, coffee syrup, banana VEGAN - NO GLUTEN ADDED
Plated Dessert Menu at Vib Hotel