Yesterday was our first (but certainly not last!) pie-making class, and the 6 lovely ladies attending and I had a grand time! We also ate an unreasonable amount of really good pie. It was hard, but somebody had to do it!

Here’s how we advertised the class:

We’ll be making some of our favorite pies, including Bourbon Maple Pecan Pie, Askinosie Chocolate Turtle Pie, and Shaker Lemon pie. Learn all about good crust-making technique, about working with chocolate, and lots of other tips and tricks to make pie-making easy as, well, pie.

You’ll go home with three mini pies (which can be frozen to enjoy later), as well as recipes and great information from this fun, hands-on class.

In addition to Bourbon Maple Pecan Pie, Askinosie Chocolate Turtle Pie, and Shaker Lemon pie, we also made an Askinosie S’mores Pie, which meant that we learned how to make 4 kinds of pie and three kinds of crust! But never content to rest on our laurels, we also made six other kinds of crusts in small batches for a pie-fat deathmatch! We tried out Crisco (shudder), Circle B Ranch unrefined pork lard, the lard mixed with butter, and plain butter. In addition to that, we made two versions with each kind of fat – one with room temperature fat, and one with cold fat. The results were pretty clear – the Crisco was noticeably gross and chemical-y and the lard had terrific texture but a distinct pork flavor (we decided it would make a great crust for quiche). The clear winner was the cold butter crust, which was good, because we’d used that for our pecan and lemon pies!

Even though the pies were still not quite set when we sampled them, they were delicious and everyone had a great time.

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Piemaking Class – November 2nd