Here are some of the tools and ingredients we use in our classes and in the bakery, so you can bake at home like a pro!

Sous Vide Cooking

We love our sous vide for perfectly cooked, tender meat!

Precise Heat Mixing Bowl

One of our most useful tools is the Precise Heat Mixing Bowl for our KitchenAid mixer. We use it in lieu of a double-boiler to make tiramisu, filling for mille feuille, hollandaise, and lots more. It’s also great for tempering chocolate!

Everyday Necessities

These useful tools are ones we use every day like digital scales, induction burners, and immersion blenders.

Hand Tools

These are useful hand tools to up your kitchen game.


Here are some of the specialty ingredients we use in our classes, like chocolate batons for pain au chocolate, diastatic malt powder and lye for pretzels, and gel food color and meringue powder for cookie decorating.

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