This is the French King Cake, which is very different from the New Orleans version. This amazing pastry has a thick layer of delicious almond cream encased in made-from-scratch buttery puff pastry and baked to perfection. Each galette hides a small, collectible porcelain figurine, a fève, and whoever finds it gets to be king for the day! We even include the crown!

We can also add an additional filling to compliment the traditional almond cream. This year, you can add Askinosie chocolate, Nutella, cherry compote, apple, or orange marmalade for a small additional cost. Or, get your galette the traditional way – they’re all delicious!

We have lots of different sorts of fèves, so when you order, you can specify which set you want your fève to come from. (You don’t get to pick the exact one thought – there’s got to be some sort of surprise!) We have Muppets, squashes, Merlin, Nativity, sporty pastries, The Incredibles, dolls, a French comic called Rahan, and (thrown in as a free gift by the fève company), “Le Kama Sutra de Cochon”. We’ll be selling these from now until Mardi Gras! Place your order now!

Advance ordering is now over, but you are always welcome to stop by the shop and see what we have. 

Galette Des Rois