Easter Ordering 2018

It's almost Easter, which means it's time to place your orders for Hot Cross Buns, Designer Chocolate Eggs, and Hand-Iced Cookies! We run out every year, so make sure you get yours reserved in advance!

Hot Cross Buns


Our wonderful Hot Cross Buns are made from a sweet yeasted dough, packed with raisins, cherries and cranberries, gently spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg, and cardamom, and topped with an icing cross. They're our favorite Easter tradition! Be sure to order lots - they have a way of disappearing quickly!

Hand-Crafted Chocolate Eggs

L'Oeuf de Lapin

A 8" tall dark milk chocolate egg adorned with whimsical flowers, and hosting an adorable, chewy white chocolate bunny.

L'Oeuf de Macaron

Even bigger and better this year, each egg consists of a thick shell of decadent dark chocolate, hand painted with whimsical spring flowers, and filled with a dozen of our Easter Egg Macarons in three flavors -- raspberry, pistacho, and malted milk chocolate. Finished with a jaunty bow, it will make the perfect Easter treat for the whole family!


L'Oeuf Géode


New this year! These rugged chocolate eggs are filled with rock candy, forming a unique, edible geode! Perfect for the budding geologist in your life, they're a treat for all the senses. (Also, we're not telling you that you should stick a plastic dinosaur in there so it looks like it's hatching, but we're not telling you not to.)

Cookies and Macarons

Hand-Iced Cookies

These adorable cookies make a great addition to any Easter Basket! Infused with almond and hand-decorated with Royal Icing, these beauties are almost too cute to eat. Almost.

Easter Egg Macarons

These adorable speckled macaron eggs make a terrific addition to your Easter basket! This year's flavors include Malted Milk Chocolate, Tart Cherry, Mint, and Chocolate Creme Egg

Cakes & Pastries

Jumbo Peanut Butter Brownie Egg

Rich, creamy peanut butter mousse atop a decadent Askinosie chocolate brownie, festively decorated with chocolate velvet

Celebrate Spring with this riotously good mousse cake! Our Rite of Spring entremet is filled with lime mousse, lemon cake, and raspberry pate des fruits, and then topped with gorgeous glacage and a chocolate tulip! It's sure to impress and delight. SOLD OUT

Carrot Cake

Satisfy the Easter Bunny's sweet tooth with this wonderful cake. Packed with carrots and pecans and slathered with rich cream cheese icing, it's the perfect end to your Easter meal.