Christmas 2017 Ordering
Whether you're looking for mouth-watering cakes, traditional holiday breads, stunning hand-iced cookies or a varitable plethora of other treats, we have everything you need to make the season bright!

Submit your reservations now using this form, and pay when you pick up at the bakery. It's quick and easy, and the only way to ensure that we'll bake enough for everyone to get what they want. Most items sell out every year, so make your reservations now!

(If you're looking to order gift baskets, they've moved over here.)

Please allow at least 4 days lead time on all orders. If you require something sooner than that, please call the bakery at 417-315-8602 to discuss how we can help you, or stop in to purchase some of the many items we have available on a daily basis. Plan to pick your order during the noted pickup window, or give us a call to arrange a different time. 

Traditional Holiday Breads & Festive Coffee Cakes


Traditional to Germany and many German-American families (like ours!), stollen is a sweet yeasted bread full of brandied raisins and glorious candied citrus peel. And if that wasn't enough, this delicious fruit-filled dough is wrapped around a ribbon of homemade marzipan, symbolizing the Christ-child swaddled in blankets. To finish it off, we bake it to perfection, brush the hot loaves with melted butter, and dust them with powdered sugar. Stollen fans have told us ours is the best they've ever had. Try it and find out why.

Bunko Bread

2016-11-17-13-44-23We start with big chunks of sharp Tillamook cheddar cheese, wrap them in slices of prosciutto, wrap those in soft, yeasty bread dough, and seal them up into balls, dip the balls in garlic butter, throw a bunch of them in a bundt pan, and bake it until it's amazing. It's been a Christmas Eve tradition in our family for ages, and it should be in yours too. Trust us. It's that good.

Festive Holiday Rolls

2016-11-22-09-26-30Our Festive Holiday Rolls are exactingly engineered for the needs of an exceedingly Festive Holiday. Naturally leavened, slightly sweet, and with just the faintest hint of anise, these rolls are the perfect compliment to a holiday meal. Each pan contain 10 plump, delicious rolls.

December 22-24 pick-up only

Sumptuous Christmas Cakes

Old-World Fruitcake

Okay, we know. Fruitcake doesn't have the best reputation. But we're on a mission to restore fruitcake's honor with this remarkable treat.

We started with loads of real fruit - raisins, dried apricots, cherries, cranberries, and figs - and candied citrus peel and soaked them for a good long time in good rum. After it was good and drunk, we combined it with lots of real butter, eggs, molasses, and pecans, and baked it to perfection.

2015-12-05-07-09-08Then we doused our fruitcakes with more rum, swaddled them in cheesecloth, wrapped them in parchment paper, and plastic to seal in all that deliciousness, aged them to perfection, and bundled them up bright red cloth bags and festooned them ribbon, creating a gift-worthy gourmet treat.

We've only got a limited quantity available, and when they're gone, they're gone! Order soon, they're going fast.

Askinosie Buche de Noel (Yule Log Cake)

The buche de noel is a remarkable French tradition, hearkening back to the days of the yule log. To make this sumptuous and gluten-free cake, we roll together decadent chocolate Italian buttercream with an Askinosie dark chocolate sponge cake to create the "rings" of the log, and then slather it with chocolate ganache to make the "bark."

2013-12-23 08.36.35Then, in a whimsical finish, we top it all with marzipan mushrooms, so it looks like it just came in from the woods! This cake, filled with a full pound of Askinosie chocolate, is sure to delight your holiday guests and make your parties merry and bright.

The buche de noel is naturally gluten-free, but our bakery very much isn't. Therefore, this cake would not be appropriate for people with celiac or severe gluten sensitivity, due to the certainty of cross-contamination.

The Santa Buche

This fanciful cake is inspired by Old St. Nick! Just like Santa, it's full of hot cocoa mousse and all sorts of cookies, and covered with red chocolate velvet and festooned with marshmallow buttons.  Serving this special Santa is sure to get you on everybody's Nice lists!

C Is For Christmas Cookies & Candies

Hand Iced Cookie Collections

Our hand-iced cookies are redolent with butter and almond, baked to caramelized perfection, and enrobed with elegant royal icing. Our designer cookies are the perfect addition to any festive occasion.

2014-12-06 09.22.52

Graphics/ Backgrounds by Shery K Designs

The Ancient & Traditional Cookies

2014-12-09 19.19.09We make a wide variety of fabulous Christmas cookies, ranging from Citrus Sundrops to Rumballs to Fig & Raisin Cookies to Lebkuchen to gluten-free options like Peppermint Meringues and Chocolate Pecan Cookies. And that's just a start, who knows what else we might come up with? Dealer's choice, a fabulous box of assorted cookies, perfect for parties, break rooms, and binge-watching Hallmark Christmas movies.


Ornament Mousse Domes

15232327_1707737202876953_4741602368933859776_nThese decadent wonders conceal Askinosie chocolate cake, chocolate French buttercream, dark chocolate crisp pearls, chocolate feuillitine, and Askinosie chocolate ganache, under a shiny coat of cherry glaçage. They're sure to be the talk of the party!

Peppermint Eclair

Crispy choux shells filled with cool peppermint French buttercream and crushed candy canes, topped with  festive striped white chocolate and holly leaves!

Poinsettia Eclairs

2016-12-03-14-10-42These gorgeous eclairs are baked to perfection, then filled with Egg Nog Italian Buttercream, salted caramel pearls, and topped with a piece poinsettia-festooned white chocolate. The perfect end to a holiday meal!


We understand that holiday entertaining is a chore, but we're here to help! 

Boulangerie Cheese & Charcuterie Boards

Look at these gorgeous cheese and charcuterie boards! Laden with gourmet cheeses, savory sausages, fresh-baked bread, and loads of accoutrements, our boards are the best around. Load up on these and let us take the hassle out of entertaining!